I am comfortable in my skin.

The person I am today is the only person I want to be. My only mission is to be the best version of myself. I am comfortable in my own skin. I love the shell that surrounds the beauty that is inside me.

My reality is different from the reality of others and I embrace that. I look the way I do because I am uniquely created. That in itself is a blessing to celebrate.

I exercise and eat healthily to take care of myself. I avoid being coaxed by external influences to have a certain body type. The societal illusion of perfection very rarely has an impact on me. I am only focused on being the best me.

My accomplishments make me happy. Even when they are less sensational than those of my peers, I am content. They are mine and that is enough.

I avoid comparing my stage in life to that of anyone else. My peace of mind comes from knowing that what I have is made just for me. In my career, patience enables me to be diligent in whichever role I am assigned. I am comfortable in my job because I know I put my all into it.

Today, I embrace the person I am, inside and out. Each situation I am faced with allows me to give of my best self and that is enough for me. I am proud of my reality.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I respond to those who try to make me feel dissatisfied with my life or myself?
2. How do I handle feelings of insecurity?
3. Which areas of my life would I like to improve?

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