Life supports me in every possible way.

Life provides all that I need. I require food, water, shelter, and love. Life is kind enough to give me these things.

Life is friendly to me and conspires to only deliver the best to me. My ability to dream and work ensures that life shines kindly on me.

When I am lazy, I know that I am failing to perform my part of the bargain. I put energy into life in order to reap its rewards.

Life is full of magical things. I keep growing as a person so I earn the right to see these things. Life provides as much as I am willing to grow. I look for opportunities to grow and develop.

When I am feeling blue, I look for hope and light, even though the day may be dark. I avoid judging life. I look for the silver lining and the lesson in each challenge that comes my way.

I find happiness by realizing that I am supported in every possible way. All the power in the universe is already mine. The life force is the strongest force of all.

Today, I appreciate my life and everything that I already have. I gratefully acknowledge that life is kind to me, even when I fail to see it clearly. Life supports me in every possible way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have I been lucky? Have those times occurred when I most needed luck?
2. What do I truly need that I don’t already possess?
3. What are the five things and five people for which I am most grateful?

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